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How To Store Cigars Properly In a Humidor

Cigars should be stored in conducive environments where the right moisture is controlled with the use of a box known as humidor. The ideal temperature for storing cigars is around 700F , which is similar to the tropical temperature the cigar were rolled at. At this temperature the moisture level is stabilized thus stopping emission and absorption of moisture and the oil in the different tobacco leaves inside the cigar which slowly blend together. Like wine, cigars do age with time and these does not happen when it is rolled but rather it starts once the tobacco has been harvested and dried for 30 days so as to remove chlorophyll. Ask any cigar manufacturer these and they will confirm that with time cigar do age to even better flavor than that of which the cigar had when leaving the factory for shipment or aging when stored in a cigar humidor at home.

A humidor requires some solutions to preserve the cigars for a conducive environment and also one would require a thermometer and a hygrometer to start with. For a large humidors you will need an electronic humidifier. However, the solution used in the humidifier is just as important as having the electronic device. To preserve the cigars in the best quality possible it is prudent not to use distilled water. Instead you should use a solution of both distilled water and propylene glycol like a cigar humidification solution.

The reason behind using a cigar humidification solution rather than distilled water is that, while you take the distilled water there are some two ways in which the humidification solution works unlike distilled water. When the humidor becomes dry the propylene glycol releases absorbed moisture into the area. When there is much moisture in the area the propylene solution absorbs the excessive moisture the stability.
Also the propylene solution helps in the inhibition of mold in the humidor, in situations where humidors are not well maintained the mold may grow. Mold is not good for fine cigars and will make then unsuitable. Mold can be very stressful to deal with in a humidor so preventing its establishment in a humidor in the first place is crucial.

Nicotine in the tobacco that is found in cigar has a number of advantaged.There are advantages of nicotine in cigars. Vital rewards of tobacco are; social, increasing soil fertility and spiritual believes and enhance better eye sight. A research has revealed a connection between nicotine and increasing brain functioning .

A digital hygrometer is more precise compare to an analog one so for the purpose of accurate readings a digital one is advisable. A humidor should be checked after fourteen days or so but more frequently if you are located in a dry area or the humidity seal is not working properly.

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