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Understanding Orthodontic Treatments in Pasadena

The city of Pasadena is endowed with medical experts of all kinds. Orthodontists are some of these experts. In most cases, the work of the orthodontists may be mistaken with that of the general dentists. The work of the dentists is usually only confined to the treatment of conditions that only affect the teeth. The kinds of procedures that they do therefore may include tooth extraction, root canal and tooth filling. It should be noted that general dentists may also perform orthodontic work once they have undergone a specialized training upon completion of their dentistry courses.

The orthodontists, on the other hand, are experts within the dental profession but with expertise that aims at reconstruction work of the face as opposed to only focusing on the dental issues of the clients. The work of orthodontists can, therefore, help correct deformities such as misaligned teeth. The main tools of trade for the orthodontists are the braces and clear aligners.

The other important tools of trade are what are referred to as retainers. To help your teeth retain their new position following your treatment, you will have to use these retainers. More often than not, the effectiveness of an orthodontic treatment lies on a number of factors.

Firstly, the duration within which you will make use of your retainers will influence how perfect your healing will be. For most patients, especially those whose bodies are still actively growing, they may use the retainers for only a short period of time. Also, the use of these retainers may be unnecessary for patients who undergo very little realignment of their teeth. To guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment among the elderly, the retainers may have to be used for as long as they live. This is due to the fact that aging people usually have their teeth regrouping for one reason or another and as a result they may need to use these devices to ensure that the teeth remain intact in their positions.

The nature of the deformity is the other issue that may influence the success of your orthodontic treatment. Malocclusion may generally be due to one natural causes or two accidental causes. In either of the tow circumstances, correction of the conditions is possible if the client seeks treatment early enough. Natural malocclusions ought to be corrected just at their onset so that they don’t advance further since treating them at their initial stage will guarantee better results as opposed to treating them when they have fully developed. In the same way, deformities that arise out of situations such as accidents should be handled early enough for the patients to experience complete healing.

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