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How to Control Pests and Bedbugs

There are steps that could be useful when it comes to treatment of pests in your home. The first thing you need to do is reduce clutter by removing all the personal items and anything that is not permanent in the room. In the process of removing clutter, it is worth noting that you might be transferring these pests to the other areas of the home. Avoiding further contamination to the other areas of the home is possible by putting the items in bags made of plastic. You will need to launder the infested garments and linens because these cannot be treated with insecticide Put the garments in hot water or heat them for several minutes inside the dryer to make sure you have killed the pests.

Bed frames are known for hiding pests and this is why you need to dismantle the frame to be able to see them. Any infestation on the fabric will be seen using a flashlight. Encasements should be put on the mattress if there is pest infestation. During infestation, it is advisable that you use encasements so that they neither get in or out of the mattress.

Pests are known for hiding in dresser drawers and this is why you should remove them as well. Furniture also should be turned over and inspected as you clean around to ensure there is no infestation. Pull the furniture away from the walls to make sure there is no hiding place for the pests. Stiff brushes are the ones to be used when scrubbing these areas so to ensure the eggs are dislodged. You will need to vacuum extra for the places on the walls and furniture that have cracks and crevices. The vacuuming job will be top notch if you remove all the particles in the crevices and cracks in the walls and furniture. Insecticide penetration is great if there are no particles left in the cracks and crevices.

There is a vacuum attachment at the end of the vacuum and pests like to cling on these surfaces and it is best that you clean it thoroughly. If you are to avoid transferring the pests to the other areas of the house, do not use bristle vacuum attachments. The vacuum cleaner bags should be disposed in a trashcan outside the home once you are done vacuuming. Caulking and sealing the areas wires and pipes enter the walls or floors is a vital step. The harboring areas of the pests will be reduced when you caulk and seal. It is important that you allow three weeks from the time of treatment for it to be completely effective. Professionals will do a better job at the treatment.

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