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The Code of Conduct for Doctors and Other Health Practitioners

All human beings have a right to basic needs which entails proper meals, clean water for consumption, air and access to proper healthcare. In Their line of duty, the medical practitioners, are provided with a clear code of conduct to adhere to while serving their clients. To effective ensure adherence to the code of ethics and work performance, the practitioners have a set of rules and regulations to use and follow during the performance of duties and responsibilities.

Total maintenance of the patients’ privacy and confidentiality is the first element to remember and adhere to by medical workers. The human resources department is the most sensitive sector since this is where all the files are kept hence anyone working in this department should be secretive and never let any document out or accessed by unauthorized persons The files with personal patient data should be kept in places that are highly secure. A client has the right to sue any health facility that does not respect this right.

The workers have a role to be always skilled and always keep the principles of their jobs and workplace. Accuracy in task performance and effective time management should be highly upheld by the employees. Because they are in charge of life, the workers must always be very keen when delivering their services. Time management is also essential in tasks like treatment hours, checkups, giving medicines to patients among others. Lack of adherence to the code of ethics impacts negatively to the hospital.

The medics are also expected to continuously update their knowledge and skills so as to be at par with the latest expertise in the field of health. The frequent training help the workers to learn how to use any facility that is available in the market with so much ease and expertise.

The storage systems used in client files should be acceptable by the code of conduct. The patient has a right to demand their documents at any time. The code of conduct provides the system that should be used in filing and storing of employee data.

The charges made for the services should be reasonable and realistic. The billing technique applied should be measurable, fair, consistent, verifiable, honest, and definable according to the billing rights of the consumer.

Communcations should always be done at the right time to give the patients time to think about the data and prepare to take the right action. Earlier communications are good especially if they concern money which gives the clients to make the necessary preparations.

Employees that is professional assure the patient of quality services.

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