Unique Birthday Party Ideas For Grown-ups

The standard grown-up birthday party involves meeting for dinner or having drinks in a bar. Such parties are entertaining, but they’re not especially memorable since they’re always the same. However, some people are coming up with unique ideas for grown-up parties that are truly one-of-a-kind events.

The Escape Room

Escape rooms have become popular in the past few years, and they’re cropping up in more and more cities throughout the country. An escape room is a live-action group adventure game, and the perfect activity for a birthday party. The way it works is that the group is locked inside a room together, and they have to solve puzzles in order to get out. Typically the puzzles call for a wide range of knowledge and skills so that everyone will have something to contribute.

The Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great DIY party idea that creates a sense of adventure. Scavenger hunts can take place outdoors or indoors; a favorite bar can work just as well as a park or city block. The group is divided into teams, and each team tries to complete the same list of challenges before the time runs out. Challenges might include getting a stranger to sing happy birthday on video or a picture of the whole team in a pyramid formation or jumping in mid-air.

The Art Party

Another way to spend an unusual and memorable evening with friends is to make art together. There are businesses that offer group painting or ceramics classes where participants can make a souvenir to take home. It’s also a lot of fun to host an art party at home – just stock up on art supplies and plenty of newspapers to protect the furniture and floors.

The Trolley Bike

Residents of Springfield, MO can hire a trolley bike to take a group of friends around the city in style. The open-air trolley has seats where riders can pedal while they enjoy food and drink and music from the trolley’s sound system. Typically, a trolley bike party will involve a tour of the city with stops at bars along the way. If you’re interested in scheduling a trolley bike party, click to read more.