Discover Yourself in Your DNA with Pathway Genomic

From the moment Watson and Crick discovered the double helix structure of DNA, scientists have been finding more and more about the genetic code that determines the various aspects of a human. Today, those discoveries have provided people with information about them that can help them become healthier and better able to understand themselves. Companies, such as Pathway Genomic, can provide many of the answers locked inside DNA.

Mental health

Many people suffer from various mental health issues throughout their lives. Some are temporary afflictions, some are permanent issues that need to be dealt with. Unfortunately, medications that can help with many of these issues are often given in a set dosage and type according to general studies on the issue. Fortunately, DNA can help determine which medications and dosages may be better to help the individual instead of just the masses. This can help a person find the best medication for them.

Pain management

When dealing with an injury or illness that causes pain, many people seek the help of their physician to find a medication to ease the issue. Unfortunately, many of these people may struggle with the side effects and efficiency of many of these medications. This can sometimes lead to months of buying and trying various medications. DNA analysis can help understand which medications will work better to allow a person to find relief without the guesswork.

Heart healthy

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the country. Many people suffer from or will suffer from this terrible disease. DNA has been shown to point to those that are at risk for this disease. It can also help a person determine a diet and exercise routine that will be most effective for preventing and treating this problem. In addition, it can allow a person to understand the medications available and which will be effective for them.

There are various other benefits to having one’s DNA analyzed. There are markers that can show the best options for skincare and diet. There are also markers that can tell a person their risk for certain diseases and genetic issues. These discoveries have created a world where people can enjoy a healthier life.